Is it fair to say that even if Pepsi Max and Pepsi taste the same and one is higher in sugar than the other that I like Pepsi? So random I know but that's me.
Oh hi there, I'm Megan Lily but call me Megan and I write. I've been reading books on Wattpad for so long that I am now going to become a Wattpad writer so wish me luck! I love music, it's my life and I don't mind nearly every genre.

My inspiration is Taylor Swift because she's amazing and so beautiful!<3 I also love One Direction and JLS are my idols! Ed Sheeran is my ginger Jesus and you should bow down to him. I make book covers and I might start making trailers even if I fail.
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rainycloud rainycloud Aug 28, 2012 10:37AM
@foreveralone12233 aww thanks and i will.
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The Storm

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Description: Love can conquer all right? So what about a storm? When seventeen year old Emily goes to stay round her boyfriend of two years, Adam's grandparents house while his parents are staying over there, it seems like...


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Sometimes, someone in the same shoes isn't the person you thought they'd be.

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I Never Knew [A Zayn Malik Fanfic]

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