Rai is a university student, who is always enjoying her university life a little bit too much. She loves to waste her time doing, as her dad puts it, 'activities which will not help you get through life.' 

But Rai begs to differ.

She claims that everything- even twiddling ones own thumbs- can and will benefit you; we just have yet to find out about the benefits.

Rai enjoys making book covers and trailers, and will gladly make you one if you ask her really nicely. However, she insists that she will not bother to do so for stories which have a ridiculous lack of punctuations and sense of direction.

Although Rai almost always appear online on Wattpad, she begs everybody to understand that this is because she leaves her Macbook on 24/7. Even if she is in front of the computer when you message her, she will most likely ignore you (except for a few people whom she feels a 'pull' to) as she says, and I quote:

"Who chats on wattpad anyway?"

End quote.

Rai loves a chick flick as much as the the girl next to you. And please, don't panic if there really isn't anyone next to you- Rai loves her little joke. However, she, at this moment in time, does not think that she will embark on writing tales of endless romance, courting and flirting, where the hero the lady falls in love with is always the first guy who was introduced in the story. She wants to try her hand at writing several genres, p'haps even poems, so that she can embark on a journey of self realization.


This does not mean that a good romance book is not one of Rai's guilty pleasures. In fact, the few people she had fanned are exceptionally good in cooking up love stories, but apart from them, Rai usually stays clear of romance works.

Rai currently lives in the UK with her friends, and since she believes she's so cool, her growing-in-thickness spectacles are rarely used, and she is often spotted staggering blindly down Houghton Street, trying to get away from her internship obsessed uni-mates.
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