In the world is?

(Hint look at the forth word)
(Jk, you are)


•Do not bully anyone.
•Don't follow, then unfollow just so I follow back.
•Art is not mine unless I say so.


•I'm fourteen (Mentally a five year-old librarian or a twenty-five year old toddler, depends on my mood).
•I'm d e p r e s s e d .
•My birthday is December 3, 2004.
•I'm straight, but I act gay.
•I want a lot of anime characters inside me.
•I'm always tired.
•I like Angst. A lot.
F e e d m e t h e a n g s t , F a t h e r .
I c r a v e s u s t e n a n c e .

~~~Fandoms and Favorites (Anime/Manga)~~~

•My Hero Academia (Shoto Todoroki//Himiko Toga)
•Bungou Stray Dogs (Osamu Dazai//Atsushi Nakajima)
•Magi (Ja'far//Morgiana)
•Hunter x Hunter (Kurapika//Killua)
•Fruits Basket (Kyo Sohma//Rin Sohma)
•Noragami (Yukine)
•FullMetal Alchemist (Edward Elric//Riza Hawkeye)
•Danganronpa (Chihiro Fujisaki//Toko Fukawa//Hajime Hinata//Ibuki Mioda//Shuichi Saihara//Miu Iruma)

~~~Fandoms and Favorites (Webtoon)~~~

•Siren's Lamnent (Lyra//Ian)
•I Love Yoo (Shin-Ae Yoo//Kousuke Hiraha)
•Hooky (Nico//Dorian Wytte)
•Lumine (Lumine)

~~~OG OOF Squad~~~


~~~Social medias. (Stalk me.)~~~

•Instagram: ragdoll_obsession
•Discord: ragdoll_OBSESSION#3894
•PlayStation Network: jordynreakes3

I'll add more, but those are what I'm more active on.

~~~Other accounts I have on Wattpad~~~

  • Boring-ass Pennsylvania, USA. Take me to Maine or New York before I commit scooter ankle.
  • JoinedApril 16, 2018

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ragdoll_OBSESSION ragdoll_OBSESSION Jul 15, 2019 04:25AM
Guys!Everything I’m writing is on the biggest hiatus ever because I’m writing a meme fanfiction called “Bathe In My Milk”. You cannot stop this destruction. You can’t stop me. Nobody can. 
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