Books are the recording of facts, knowledge and ideas. Parallel universes if you will, other life's, what you wish for you life to be. 


Shows: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Greys Anatomy, The Walking Dead, Revenge, Roswell, Once Upon A Time, The 100, Charmed, Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural (I binge on Netflix)

FavGenre: Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural Apocalypse;Apoctiliptic, Star crossed Love, Enhanced;human evolution

I love reading, and I can finish a average book in under 24 hours.
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raetheprincess raetheprincess Apr 22, 2016 07:29PM
Just pointing out that i know have 100 reads on Second Chances, my Stefan Salvatore fanfic. So Thank you. updating later this week. Sorry, i have school work.
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Set Fire To The Rain

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Description: .............................................. Drowning in depression after her entire families death a 20 year old bartender meets a certain Raven-haired, blue eyed Salvatore. ...


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Story Reading List

Story Reading List