The Name's DaMari & I'm 4teen 
You Can Call Me♚Quxxn_Dee♚(in my Lorde voice)

5 Quick Facts About Me:

✎I'm From Southern Louisiana.
✎If You Meet Me, You Will Fall In Love With Me.
✎I Have High Self-Esteem That Some May Called Conceited. (Refer back to fact #2 XD)
✎I Will Do ANYTHING For A Smoothie.
✎I Just Told You I Was Conceited... Did You Really Think There'd Be Only 5 Facts?

✿Right Now I'm Dying At The Fact That 2000 Characters Still Isn't Enough For Me XD
✿You Know Those "Perfect" Tumblr Teenagers? Yeah... If You're Looking For That, Exit Here.☒
✿You're An Idiot For Clicking That.
✿I Love The Color Pink&Anything That Sparkles!
✿I Don't Think I Love It More Than Food Though…
✿Dana Vaughns Has My Heart.
✿I Love Nicki Minaj, I Don't Care If You Don't. I'm Not The Over-Seer Of Your Opinionated Belligerence.
✿I Speak Very Well For A 14 Year Old And My Vocabulary Is So Expanded It's Higher Than Lil' Wayne.
✿I Read At A 12th Grade Level & Have Ever Since I Was In 6th Grade.
✿I Used Over A Half Of 2000 Characters Already. Yikes!
✿If You're Still Reading This, I Love Me Some You.
✿I'm Like... Poetic Justice. (Kendrick Lamar voice) I love poetry, paintings, dance..THE ARTS.
✿You just read 17 facts and you ain't even know it!
✿My Dog, Blue , Is My World!
@sgsongs11 Is My Sister, Go Follow Her!
✿Go To Your Mom & Tell Her DeeDee Got You To Read Something!

ツYou know DeeDee luhhh the kids.ღ

And I didn't even get to 2000. Mmk. Almost there. Let me stop.


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