" A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body "

" 音魂は健全な精神と健全な肉体の中に宿る "
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Dollhouse | l.h.

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Description: Places, places, get in your places Throw on your dress and put on your doll faces. Everyone thinks that we're perfect Please don't let them look through the curtains. -Melanie Martinez [ Dollhouse ]

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Once Upon A Time | c.a.

Once Upon A Time | c.a.

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Oh dear, someone else fell down the rabbit hole.

To This Day | r.l.

To This Day | r.l.

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To this day, their past still haunts them. To this day, the bullies still get into their head. To this d...

Dream Out Loud | Kid Cudi [ On Hold ]

Dream Out Loud | Kid Cudi [ On Hold ]

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Hey! Mr. Rager! Mr. Rager! Tell me where you're going! Tell us where you're headed! I'm off on a adventu...

Highschool of Nightmares (A Mindless Behavior Paranormal Story)

Highschool of Nightmares (A Mindless Behavior Paranormal Story)

19.7K 201 41

A bunch of friends. None are normal. Just people trying to make it out of this together. But can they?

      1. I definitely remember you  (Morgan Freeman for the win)
      2. I try to update when I have time but work and school take up most of my time (even during the summer) but hopefully I can update this upcoming week
      3. I take pride in my works being creepy (I like writing creepy, horror type books ^.^) so the fact that you're kinda scared gives me a happy feeling
okei, your work [Dollhouse] really is stuck in my mind. and I also happen to adore that song. Please do update!! ^^
      (remember me? we just met a couple of moments ago in another addiction of mine.)
      Anyways, I took all your works on my library but I can't read them all right now because, its night, I'm alone, I can't deal with it..
      anyhooo~~ yea, please update!! :)