Hey everyone! I posted my new book today named 'Chasing the Princess' I would love it if you guys checked it out. Please vote and comment <3 <3


@purplebunnies106 heyyyy uhh where is that reborn book? I'm dying to read it.....


I am a big fan of your stories would love for you to check out mine sometime. It’s a werewolf story called welcome to the pack. 


Hey there! I am really really really a fan of yours, I really love your books! Especially your book 'My Brother's My Mate?' It is really interesting and fun to read, so are your other books! I hope u read one of my books, but if u don't its ok. Anyways I hope you continue writing because you are really good at it. 


Hey i want to read all ur books but your not updating what happen. Hope its not sickness or God forbid death...... I wont be able to take that! Your books are amazing please please please continue them!;) :)


I am loving my brother is my mate, although the spaces between the paragraphs are weird