**I do NOT do follow-for-follow or read-for-read. Do NOT DM me to ask me to read your work. I won't, even if otherwise I might have.**

I'm in my mid-40s and have been obsessively writing, and attempting to improve my writing skills, for about 30 years. I'm a dedicated writer of fantasy and urban fantasy. With four completed novels on Smashwords, I came to Wattpad to find a home for my ongoing serials.

I'm also pansexual, polyamorous, kinky, quoiromantic, and live with a trans woman. All of this reflects in what I write - I'm bored with the same old one-dimensional coming-out stories. I play heavily with gender and many aspects of sexuality beside, under, and woven through the main storyline, which adds a new flavour to the mix of other ingredients.

I'm an adult writing for adults, so I automatically consider what I write "Mature." Honestly, I have no desire to analyse everything I write regarding whether it's appropriate for kids. If you're concerned about content, feel free to ask. I'll tell you this: I'm a big believer in endings being optimistic and upbeat, although not sugar-coated, and I'm not a fan of glamorizing violence or of "true love solves everything."

Everything I release is available via my website for free, but comments are deeply appreciated.

I'm a hardcore pantser. I write for the love and joy of it, and I have zero interest in trad publishing or making a living from writing. That doesn't mean I'm not seriously committed to it, but does influence my priorities.

Otherwise, I'm the devoted minion of three rescued cats. I'm unable to work due to hostile alien beings called "anxiety" and "depression" taking up residence in my head and refusing to get the hint about being unwelcome, but at least it's more time to write! Despite that, I'm generally pretty friendly and open to talking. :-)
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