I'd like to get a prompt book for Our Own Mistakes started, so feel free to swamp me with prompts for that. But on that note, please for the love of my very thin sanity check the "things I won't write" section on my profile first thanks! 


@promptingskenekidz I'd love a prompt in which we get to see more of Wyatt and his new Maroon vest friend interacting.


@promptingskenekidz definitely Adam and Thevan studying, Evan and Lena's pizza date, how Griffen met Thevan and Anika, Griffen and Caroline meeting for lunch during college, how Griffen feels finding out Caroline and Leon are taking over the academy. 
          	  But my #1 prompt (if you want obvi) would be of a whole reunion thing. Like Caroline and Leon maybe invited Kaz's group, Beckett's group, Jin's group, and Griffen's group (including Thevan and Anika) to their house for like a reunion/celebration thing after they take over the academy.
          	  btw, you're books are amazing and you're one of my all-time favorite authors. 


@promptingskenekidz Anika and Griffen talking about their relationship after the book! whether they get together or not i'd love to see it!


Hey, can you do a prompt of Pete’s (From Conversion Academy) life after him leaving the drugs he depends upon completely? N finally finding someone(his partner) who supported him through it? 


So how about a prompt where the guy bullying Jude's son does it because he likes him but doesn't want to admit it (like Colin and Ant) and then he eventually accepts his feelings and they start dating?


hi jen, i was wondering if you could do another prompt for dimitri and theo? or jude and staz? xx


hey um i just wondering how the "nutting to jinsus" gc would look like ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ thanks if u ever consider to make one 


I know you're probably not doing CTD prompts any more. But could you please do a prompt where Jack thinks Ace is cheating on him and Ace has to reassure/convince Jack that he isn't cheating on him? Thank you!


Maybe you could do a prompt about the first I love you in all the conversion academy books, so between Kaz and Killian, Brennan und Leon, Jin and Kai.
          It would be great if you could do that. 


Hey I was wondering if you could do a prompt where Jin from BTL and Brennen from TOF meet during like a reunion or even just randomly on the street. I want to see how Brennen’s sarcasm and Jin’s aloofness interact with each other because of there contrasting personality’s. I love your books and I’ve read the entire Conversion Academy series like five times!!!