I am absolutely feeling some The Stars That Night prompts, especially anything with Ray and Silas, if you guys have any of those! 


@promptingskenekidz Can we get one where Jack does something nice for Silas? I think it'd be really sweet if he could see what kind of friend Jack is to Garrett and Akita,even if just for a moment.


Carter watching a scary movie for the first time and his dads comforting him


Silas coming out to his grandparents/ Garrett meeting his grandparents 


how about a prompt where Isaac meets Kaz? like maybe somewhere work related and he recognises Kaz Warrick's name 


Really bold idea, but would you be able to make a prompt book for the younger generation? Including the main characters' children and maybe younger siblings and how they all interact? It sounds like much, I know, I'm sorry. Just an idea, it would be awesome!


i'd like to see more ace and jack, maybe they'd break up for whatever reason but in the end get back together? or then a wedding prompt would be nice. honestly i'll take whatever, i'm so starved of my boys haha


Could you also do a prompt of either Killan or Kaz getting injured and having to go to hospital or something and the others reactions?


Could you do a prompt of what would have happened in Blurring The Lines if Constance hadnt changed the punishments and Kai had been made a maroon but still had Jordan as his roommate?


Changing Will prompt where Ethan never got the chance to tell Jude that he was deathly allergic to nuts, and Jude forces them down his throat and Ethan gets sent to the hospital (if he dies or lives can be up to you) but I think it would be interesting to see how all of the characters react to his hospitalization at Jude's hands, and see how Jude even feels about his own careless actions!


Hey Jen! Could you do a blurring the lines prompt where Kai dreams that Jin was hit by a car instead of him, and Jin tries to calm him down in his own way. Have a great day!