Youtuber, Compulsive Fanfic Reader, Writer, Artist, antisocial weirdo!
Yup, that pretty much sounds like me!

I make videos where I read YOUR fanfictions out loud! With your approval, of course, who do you think I am?!

But Hey! To quote the Famous British Youtubers, Dan and Phil: "Life is so much better when you spend it all online!"

My OTPs:
•Destiel [SPN]
•Phan [Dan and Phil]
•Johnlock [Sherlock]

My Ships:
•Ten/Rose [Doctor Who]
•TenToo/Rose [Doctor Who]
•Mystrade [Sherlock]
•Megstiel [SPN]
•Hiccstrid [How To Train Your Dragon]
•Michifer [only in AUs] [SPN]
•Adamandriel [SPN]

More about me?!
I love watching cartoons (South Park, Adventure Time, MLP...) I'm a French Canadian, I'm an obsessed fangirl who's addicted to Gay Ships (🌈) but who strangely is more straight than the USA's 2017 President is DUMB...

If you comment something and I don't know what to reply, don't 🐝 surprised if I send this "🐝" or this "🍩"

Woah. DUUUDE!! (This term is, in my vocabulary, genderless) YOU ARE CREEPING ME OUT!

[Nah, just kidding. Nothing can disturb my teenage brain anymore-Thanks a lot Tumblr --']

Come Stalk me:


Twitter/ @PremiereDem



Youtube Side Channel:

Anyway, I'm the kind of girl who CANNOT keep her promises, the kind of girl who updates EVERY SIX MONTHS and the kind of girl who should really consider thinking about her future and not stay online 24/7...

A special thanks to everyone who read all of this, either 'cause of my massive weirdness intrigued you or 'cause you were simply bored. You truly are my favorite person.

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GOING LIVE ON "premieredimension: the side channel" (youtube) AT 7:30PM (or 19:30), MONTREAL TIME!!Let's talk about my weird fangirl life!! :D—Dem        xxxx
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