Hello, guys! :D

So I decided to join because I like to write stories and share my imaginations *cough* fanfiction *cough* I hope that I didn't bother anyone.

I really love this boyband called One Direction that have been like everywhere on the Internet and start to be worldwide. I'm a directioner since earlier of 2011. I'm not a directioner from the start, but I'm really a directioner. Trust me! At least if you ask me something about One Direction, I can answer hopefully. Haha.

I'm also a fan of Justin Bieber since 2009. I love his music because it's so inspiring in every single song. He's also a hardworker and very talented in his way. He's one of my inspirations and his music never disappoints me.

Anyway, would you guys take a look at my fanficts below? I'd love to take a look at yours if you have too.

PS: I don't bite
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preciousglowstick preciousglowstick Dec 17, 2012 05:51PM
@Reader116 Jimmy would never protest anymore. Haha
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