So here’s the plan! Currently re-reading dragon heir and trying to catch up. It’s been a few years since I’ve touched the story and I want to make sure I’m on the right page. I’m editing as I’m reading so definitely expect a bit of changes as I go. You might want to re-read the story once I’m through :) I’ll update on my page what chapters I’ve finished and edited. 


found this books a few days back and read them on a single stretch. it is awesome. you have wonderful storytelling skills. waiting for updates. hope you continue the dragon blade soon. 


This makes me so happy! I just finished Dragon Heir and was absolutely DEVASTATED when I saw you haven't updated Dragon Blade for so long. I am so so happy you are going to get back to it 


Hlo am Levina from Nigeria I just came across you novel you wrote and I love the settings and the fantasy of it the part 1 and am Abt to read the part two of it but I saw the last update is 2014 so please I will appreciate it if you will keep on updating it 


Oh so your not going to complete your story .... well that’s disappointing i think u should warn everyone at the beginning 


GUUUUUYS! Stop spamming already! I understand it's been a few years, and she still hasn't returned to finish the series, but she's a human. She has a life, a life we know nothing about. Something could've happened; she could be busy, she could have a writers block, she could even be in a coma, or even dead for that matter. My point is even though shes an amazing author, something could've happened to her, spamming and asking for an update won't help at all, if anything, that'll make her stress. 


I LOVED DRAGON'S HEIR AND DRAGON'S BLADE! Even  though  you haven't updated in a long while, Im still waiting for Taven's reaction. I understand if you stopped, but I will probably be a little sad over it..


Looks like we both have a passion for writing about fantasy! I’m so excited to read your book! Please read mine also.  Feedback would be greatly appreciated.