Hello everyone!

The Tales of the Big Bad Wolf fantasy/fairytale series has two volumes. Volume 1 -- Red Riding Hood -- finished in spring 2013.

The paperback version of Red Riding Hood is available at http://sparklermonthly.com/product-category/distro/big-bad-wolf/ .

I am currently updating the next volume, "The Queen of Swans" based on other fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen and other sources, weekly on Wattpad and at the main home to the series at http://talesofthebigbadwolf.com/ .

Please note that I keep author notes, guest art, other art, all at talesofthebigbadwolf.com . And for now, the two versions are both in pretty good shape for reading but the print and ebook versions of "Red Riding Hood" have been additionally proofed and edited.

You can find me on twitter both at superplumgirl and at Fairytwister (story only posts)

I also keep a blog about the world of web fiction at online-novel.com. For Wattpad posts, you can see http://theonlinenovel.wordpress.com/tag/wattpad/
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Thank you Wattpad for including Red Riding Hood on the Twisted Classics reading list...  Had no idea what was going on until I caught someone blogging about it... Seeing many new adds today and am fl...
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Tales of the Big Bad Wolf: The Red Riding Hood Arc (A Fairy Tale)

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Description: On a journey north to visit her ailing grandmother, Elanore Redley encounters the reclusive Count Wolfram while fleeing a monstrous pursuer. As the mysterious Wolfram draws her into his magic-filled world...

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