Hi!  You can call me Christine =)  
I can speak english and chinese, and a tiny tiny bit of japanese and korean.
I love reading manga and anime and that sorts of stuff. I also draw a bit too. (Maybe I'll add one of my pictures up here sometime! =D)
Lets see...I love sweets and food in general. ( there are some great tasting stuff out there!)
And I love listening to music. I mainly listen to Chinese, Japanese, korean, and american music.
My favorite singers have to be...Rainie Yang, UKISS( <3) and kana nishino =)
I'm kinda new to Wattpad but i gotta admit, it's so addicting and I love to read the stories here.
If you guys have any suggestions on stories to read, please share!
I like a bit of romance and a good plotline :3
Also, if you have anytime, please give my story a try!

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    land of sweets and wonders XD
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Description: Laurey is only a 16 year girl who lost her most beloved person on a fateful night. Her little sister meant everything to her ever since her parents died. Now her world comes crashing down and she meets two twins on the way. Kevin and Alex are teen w...

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