Hello everyone three more chapters uploaded today for Sam and Damon story.I hope you will comment, vote and enjoy reading it, this one is the very interesting.


I dropped by to say I love your profile picture and I love your background picture too.


hey my awesome  fans u can now follow me on twitter if u guys wants   i will try to keep u guys all updated on things going on with  our new hero Lucas  ( my new screenplay character ) so  feel free to follow me  and  ya so cya all soon 


hey every one  hope you guys all had a awesome x-mas  well i uploaded  my new screenplay called "Assassin's Reborn" hope you  guys like  it, comment it and tell me if u guys think  you guys can send me some ideas if u  want me to add somethings as the story progresses  well   i will  see you all soon 


Umm well you told me I should write a story but i dont have an idea what to right??? Does that make sense??? [:

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