Hey,hi,konichiwa,anyong,mabuhay everyone!(^_^) Welcome to my profile/page!

I'm a kpop fan! :D

My fav kpop person in the boy band is: Kiseop,Dongho,Kevin,Minho,Eli,Luhan,Xiumin and Key
And my fav person in the girl band is: Suzy,Sulli,Tiffany,Krystal
I also like kdramas.


I love reading teen friction and a little bit of manga.
Sorry for my wrong grammar (if I have one).

I love cute stuff and pretty things, they are just so cute and adorable. I recommend to you guys to watch (k-drama): "The night watch man and "You who came from the stars". There is a new drama coming up called "My lovely girl", when it comes up watch it, for my bias, Krystal is the main girl.

My fav colors are pink,red,white,light blue,light green.
The places I wanna go in the future is: Korea,Japan, and Paris, France, are you wondering why I wanna go to this places? well I wanna go Seoul,Korea to meet kpop people and I like their culture as well. I wanna go Japan to see the cherry blossoms and go shopping in Tokyo and see the night life there. I wanna go Paris,France because I wanna go to the Eiffel Tower.

That's all about me (^_^) (>_<)

Ja-ne, bye-bye,paalam
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