Hi guys! I am pinkichigo. I like colour pink and strawberry. That is why my name is pinkichigo (ichigo=strawberry). I can guarantee that I am not what your imagination is imagining.

From books to dramas, my favourite genres are comedy and romance. I like Korean dramas and kpop. I do not have a favourite kpop group, however I do often listen to SNSD, Akdong, Fx, Miss A, Redvelvet, Lovelys, Gfriend, Bigbang and Got7.

That is all. Adios !
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    somewhere in the FaNtAsYwOrLd:P
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pinkichigo1112 pinkichigo1112 Apr 05, 2013 06:46AM
@yoon_seo_kpop69 Your welcome
            Thank's as well for following back
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