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Left Untold

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Description: 6 humans turned villain. 5 friends turned to 6. Rebeca Wabon (her first name pronounced like "Rebecca" or "Rebekah") never imagined she would exhaust her supply of magic. Now she must battle regret, sorrow, and magic itself as she tries to keep fiv...

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Chemically Mental (on hold)

Chemically Mental (on hold)

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Maddening struck it big. Charles Maddening, that is. He got a job at the most prestigious lab. Everythin...

Knitting for the Prince (FREE PREVIEW)

Knitting for the Prince (FREE PREVIEW)

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**BOOK 1 of the Royal Love series** Julissa Jennings has had a rather usual life - going to school, a l...

Eighteen: Free Preview

Eighteen: Free Preview

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**ONLY THE FIRST THREE CHAPTERS** Eighteen years can go by in a blink of an eye, especially for Tiana J...

Letters To Youngblood (Uglies Fan Fic)

Letters To Youngblood (Uglies Fan Fic)

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Ever wondered what happened to Tally after her apperence in Extras? She's been getting letters. Not just...

I'm sorry I haven't updated Chemically Mental in a month, but I've been super duper busy! Anyway, I'm thinking of starting a review blog where I would review books, movies, music, TV shows, etc. that I have already seen/read/heard or am currently reading/watching/listening to. This includes stories on Wattpad (and I have a couple in mind that I'm already planning to PM about doing a review for). Would you prefer I post this on Wattpad, or would you prefer I just message out links/put a book up that contains all the post names and links? Please respond with your ideas!
I have updated "Chemically Mental". :) However, today is graduation so I won't be available much this afternoon.