! ! ! OK here is some things about me ! ! !

my name (-:

i am cannibal (-: .

ive been through a lot of shit in all my years of living, i was diagnosed with a lot of shit as well but i dont let that define me and i think anyone who does let that consume their life is weak and helpless (-: .

im a dick for a reason, i say and pass judgment ONLY after i analyzed the situation or person as much as i can (-: .

i am not able to form emotional connections with others and for this reason i have noone outside my house to speak to. do i care? no. do i want friends? hell no (-: .

i hate everyone, this is no understatement. except my family, myself, and my dearest friends that i have been there for me for a longgg time (three of them) (-: .

im into blood, human skin, glitter, dolls, lizards, dinosaurs, stickers, animals of all species, energy, monsters, the colour pink, switchblades, hair, oculolinctus, roblox, dead things, skin peeling videos, pickles, and money (-: .

i barely listen to music as I am very sensitive and spiteful towards all sound. but if i had to describe my music interest, it would be wack dope as fuck party music i can play at a mourning service (-: .

i do not believe in gods or the devils, i am my own god (-: .

i can be very moody, but i am a pretty good person overall (-: .
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