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Transgender. Bigender. Asexual. Panromantic. Kinkster. Pagan. Autistic. Polyamorous. Queer. Poet. Writer. More.

She/Her or They/Them

Beverly L. Anderson started writing at the age of eleven, and when they did it was obvious they weren't going to stick to the every day. Her first story, written in a series of spiral notebooks, was about a kidnapping. There's no surprise that these days, they favor the dark corners of the psyche over the happy and fluffy parts. Enamored with the mind, she studied extensively in the subjects of psychology and related fields.

Beverly's other hobbies include gaming of all types, transgender and autism advocacy, and writing fanfiction. Their interest in the BDSM community began as simple curiosity, but has led her to the road to finding a place for herself there as a Domme. She herself has gone on the journey of self-discovery in the last few years, finally pinning down their identity after nearly thirty years of searching. Coming out as bigender, asexual, panromantic, and polyamorous was one of the hardest things they've ever done, but it gave them the confidence to become herself even more. An autistic person, and an eclectic pagan, Beverly finds themself at odds with a lot of what society calls "normal".

Other than that, I do take fic requests all the time, but I only do them when I have time and have the inspiration. .

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