I am 
sad all at once... amazing i know ;)

I wish I could fly..

I listen to all music, but only if it can change my mood... nothing pointless unless Im drunk...

I have a deep passion for words, false, true imaginary ones I love them all..

I like sentences too I think... but I hate grammar and quotations marks.... bleck...

Last name is really Nicely........OMG YES (Gabriel Inglesias voice....)!!! O.O

I get bored and distracted easily...

I love being random...

And yup that all for now...
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    Inside my head :)
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    Mar 08, 2012 07:54AM

pheneshanicely pheneshanicely Nov 25, 2012 01:59AM
@1brokendisaster well thats not nice i dnt want a cookie i want smarties...:'( pouty face
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