It was then she realized she was too late  ━  

And all those who were said 'friends'
were actually

˗ˏˋ FAKE ˎˊ˗


↻ ━ Tess the mess back at it
again; Flying boys with ginger
hair + Space gays on a Tuesday
is my Jam; Try to handle the
sarcasm, we take it very
seriously here; Pls refrain from
cutting me with your edge;
Don't give me that fake bs
sweetie, we already know
you'll just use them~

" Dude is that a cop!? I'm calling the weed- "
*dials 420 into a microwave*
" 420 what's your emergency? "

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Story by Pew, pew ☄︎
Illusion | spam by peterpxns
Illusion | spam
You ever notice that 'Nowhere' also spells 'Now - Here?'
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