Basically i'm crazy...100%.
I love reading, watching tv and movies!!!! some of my favourites (Not all, theres just too much!):
-Harry Potter
-Hunger Games
-Mortal Instruments
- Infernal Devices
-House of Night
-Vampire Academy
-Daughter of Smoke and Bone
- Dustlands Trilogy
-Drake Chronicles
Also, addict to TV (the BBC are ruining my life!!)
le favourite programmes
-Doctor Who
-Being Human
-The Great British Bake Off
-Come Dine With Me
-8 out of 10 cats
-Merlin (Before they cancelled it!!)
-Sherlock (OMG Benedict mother ducking Cumberbatch)
-Teen Wolf
-Modern Family
is that everything.....it think so....
also fav movies:
(all the book to movies bascially)
and Love Actually!!
Hot Fuzz
Shaun of the Dead
Star Trek
Rise of the Guardians (I ship Jack/Tooth so hard right now!! I love me the Yeti's just awwww)
and so on...
So so many.
Well...enough about me.
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Forever Losing You...(Twilight FanFic)

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Description: What if Edward and Bella didn't meet for the first time in Forks? What if they met before? They met in the 1700's, then Bella died, then again in 1912, but sadly Bella died again ...and now...in Forks, Washington. Death always ripping the pair apart...

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@lilytheflyingunicorn she broke up with him at the end of third year, after the incident when Harry lost it with Sirius. Ness didn't like that side of him, he did in a way attack her brother and another person, even though there may have still been feelings there it kind of ruined the magic I suppose.

@TeamEmmettandKellan Yes it would make sense to change her in normal circumstances. But, these aren't normal. Her first death it was suddden and Edward, or any other Cullen, were not present. Making changing her impossible. Her second death, Edward was so happy with her being back her death did not occur to him, especially not in the matter of time that it did. Now, there is a child involved, and it is Bella's wish to choose them instead. In her eyes immortality will not save her. She will die. Better not to waste time, focus on the child. 
      That doesn't mean it won't work, her being a vampire, but they have no evidence at the present time.