My name is Annie Jonasson, I'm an 17 year old (despite what my profile picture might suggest) writing what I know (so teen fiction), and I have never had a more difficult time finding a username than I did signing up for
Turns out there's a lot more Annie Jonasson's than you would think, and no amount of numbers at the end was going to change that...
So I made my username the name of a character I fell in love with- Penny Shapiro
Thankfully, she has a less common name than me!!
Author of Cal & Penny's Anti Bucket List (and a bunch of other embarrassing unpublished manuscripts), available here and on
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Stories by Annie Jonasson
For You a Thousand Times by pennyshapiro
For You a Thousand Times
Catherine is a perfectionist, an only child, a chronic overachiever, and Victor is the perfect boyfriend: not...
Cal & Penny's Anti Bucket List by pennyshapiro
Cal & Penny's Anti Bucket List
If you asked Cal Fuentes about his relationship with Penny Shapiro, he'd have to start from the end.