About mua:
I may be addicted to reading 'cause it's my educational crack! =D
I may be random, but you know you luuuuuuve it ;D
I may be awesome and everyone knows that <3
I may be a murderer, sucks you'll never find out =P
I may be a fan of:
Taylor Swift
Andy Grammer
Andrea Boccelli
Lana Del Ray
Lily Allen
I may be:
Funny, sarcastic, completely grammar Nazy, insane, deliriously crazy, totally sexual ( hehee, Jenna Marbles), amazeballs!!!!, QUIRQUY, awkward towards opposite gender ;D and fabulously WeiRd !!!!!!!!!
hehehehehehe !!

Will edit anyone's works quickly and pro bono. Send me a message to set something up =]

<3 Penny =D
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    you wish! YOU STALKER !!! ;D
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    Jan 29, 2012 10:57PM

pennyheart pennyheart Feb 19, 2013 04:31AM
so, for all those that care, i havent updated considering consequences in forever, and the truth is that right now, i dont really have the motivation to write anymore. i wont be taking the story down...
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considering circumstances

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Description: What if something happened? Something that could change your life in a millisecond; something that affected you so much, you could never be the same?. "I'm fine, considering circumstances."


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Emotions of love

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A fast-paced romance without the impurities of common society. It's just love till the end.

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