Alright.... Umm Ello, so it's been a while since I've changed this up a bit, no no, I still have that annoying 1D I twitch that's never gonna go away, buutttttt how all y'all beautiful lovely people doin?? Welp I have an Instagram, had it for a while now but it's @zombieeatingpandabear soo go on, check it out, just don't be stalking pleeezzzz! C: suuurrrrrr um I've been writing a lot but drawing more than anything really, so I'm set back on a lot of things. I feel that my writing has improved so I might put a mah old stories on hiatus until I rewrite them.  So about meh... I'm childish as hell you need to know that ;D I love all mah old Disney movies and I love mah marvel and DC, I love mah dead pool and ah think Bucky deserves a hug, like, right now! *turns and hugs Bucky* I'm not that girly but I have mixed styles so I'll were anything. Really I'm attracted to a lot of different story's and I'm opened to anything :) I loooovve batman! Yuuss. I'm dating an character I. Mah head but I don't think anyone but us need tah know that *wink wink* I also love creepy pasta!! I have an oc and will be posting up their story soon, I have images on mah Indra for mah oc so u'll just have too look 'u' soo anything I will probably poste from now on might be better then mah last attempts ;u; so all you lovelies keep writing and then we can have an upmost arousing conversation about honor, dignity and patriotism!
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@Antanazia broooooooooo!!!!
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Description: Young leo has never been allowed outside, since the freak accident with a scientist named Dr.cratly she is not allowed out. The only thing that keeps her sane is her instruments all string, her most played the...


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