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is  it  okay  if  i  take  a  nap  on  your  shoulder?   i’m  sleepy. 


@basskills             ,,            no  you’re  fine,  go  ahead  i’m  getting  a  bit  tired  too...  *  the  girl  patted  her  shoulder,  only  to  yawn  a  couple  seconds  later.  *    


this message may be offensive
₊˚.༄                        MIRAI    SARA                                ₊˚.༄
                        a very lazy chick with a short stature.
                        stand’s at 5’4” with laid back attitude 
                        on life lol. has no particular hobbies &
                        interest but she can dance pretty well.
                        a high maintenance handful for anyone
                        that can handle her. has no life what so
                        ever and will bug you till no end. born on
                        March 25th, she lowkey has a short fuse.
                        will not hesitate to body slam you tho.
                        she was born in the Dominican Republic
                        known for her vampirish “fangs” and cat
                        slit light brown eyes. fuck ur feelings ‼️
                        ❨     *  !