𓂃 ⌗ ( 𝐿ucía )  you got your 𝒎oment now, you got ⠀⠀your legacy, let's 𝒍eave the world for the ones ⠀⠀who change 𝒆verything, nothing could stop the ⠀⠀𝒕wo of us, let's 𝒋ust get lost, that's what we 𝒘ant. ⠀⠀𝗌𝗁𝖾 / 𝗁𝖾𝗋 . ⠀intj  ⠀&͟&͟  ⠀ dinah lance's variant.
  • dc & 𝟻sos stan. jos, clau, lissie, ali, eros & gigi. ♥︎
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patrocl6s patrocl6s Dec 07, 2022 04:36PM
YA, PERO EL ÁLBUM DE LANITAhttps://pin.it/5Z4T0Kx
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