My obsession with creativity started with art. Inspired by my grandpa's oil paintings, I began drawing. Throughout high school, art was my favorite class. In fact, when it came to writing, I didn't think I was good at it. A college essay seemed to agree.

On a whim and bored one day, I started writing a story bouncing in my head. Riddled with plot holes, I didn't care. It was for fun. After that story, I began writing more until I came to the idea for Being Human. The story struck me as one other people might enjoy, so I began taking writing seriously, researching and editing. My art days are behind me, but that's okay because a new creative pleasure has consumed my life.

I currently live in Upper Michigan with my husband, enjoy dying my hair the color of the rainbow, and hope to have what resembles a small petting zoo one day. When I'm not writing or at the day job, I'm goofing off on Twitter, or reading about serial killers.
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patricialynne07 patricialynne07 Aug 11, 2015 05:07PM
Unpublished Out of Secrets because I need to figure something out. *plots* ;)
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Influence of Love

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