She's walking with enthusiasm as her long straight black hair bounce from side to side down the hallway. Her freshmen year and she has no boyfriend, yet she befriends everyone. Nothing out of the ordinary except some bad marks on her paper and weird attitude of biting nails. She laughs and shows her big teeth, with skin smooth as children and an excellent crier-some tolerate her and some purely disgust her for being unconsciously talks to a lot of boys. One thing for sure, as a new author, she never complete a chapter with sense, so she sometimes sidetrack her energy towards poetry, where her rhymes and messages were never in sync. She makes book banners, feel free to ask for one. See her works :; Not only that, she's also a fast reader, reading about a hunger games thick novel in one day-thus, the thick glasses.


Books She had read and consider : AMAZING

The Exploration of The Male Anatomy
The Heart-breaker's Association
The Missing Link
Bubble Tea Girl
The Girl Behind The Throne
In 27 Days
The Marquis' Mistress
The Italian Billionaire's Lover
Sink Into Me
It Started with an Apple
Edge of Time
A Love Worthy
The Alpha Meets The Rouge
Love and Cool Water
The Billion Dollar Girl
A Pirate's Kiss (Book I, II)
His Next Victim
Royal Blood & One Commitment
Unbreakable Love & Unforgivable lies
The Love Curse
House of Cards Series (I,II,III,IV)
Silence (Book I & II)
Mated Hearts Series (I, II, III, IV)
Cupid Granddaughter Series (I, II, III, IV)
Life as Told by Nerdy (I, II)
The Perfect Summer has to End Sometime
The Last Dance
The School for the Gifted
Always You
The Compromised Duchess
Love at Last Sight
One Night with the Prince
The Vampire's Maid
The Bachelor
His lovely Ward
The Transient Wife
The Rented Husband
The Awkward Love Song of Abigail Archer
Enjoying The Chase
Nothing Left to Lose
Keepers of Time
This Cinderella is a player
The Ex Best Friend
Married to the prince of Darkness
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Helping Books for Hopeless Romantics Random
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