Leading people in their faith is difficult but Pastor John Wagner manages this with aplomb. Pastor Wagner has been a religious head for over two decades. His expertise and commitment to his faith led to him being invited to more than 120 different congregations to preach and lead the faithful on their path. In his capacity as a faith leader, Pastor Wagner has travelled to United States, South Africa, and Europe preaching and reaching out to populations in far-flung areas . 

Education and Training

Pastor Wagner studies at the Golden State University in LA and completed his BA in Arts at the prestigious university. In order to complete his education, he went on to obtain an MA in Arts and Theology and Religion. After he completed his post graduation, he was ordained as a minister in Covenant Ministries International.

Commitment to Faith

Pastor Wagner is well known for his commitment to his faith. As a result, he is frequently invited to be a speaker for international conferences and meetings. In his extensive career, he was invited to prominent religious conventions like the New Jersey Annual Conference of International Pastors and Ministers Conference.

Based on this experience, he was also invited to author courses and books on spirituality. His publications focus on religious topics like the biblical life of David and other prominent personalities in the Bible. His other publications include books about God's love, his mercies and his intervention in our lives. One of his most popular publications includes a short list of the Faith Fellow/ship Minis/tries and the World Outreach Center's School of Ministry. During his career, he also designed and directed a contemporary award-winning commercial for the Teen Suicide Hotline. In recent years, Pastor Wagner has served at Lubbock, Texas as the lead pastor of the Turning Point Community Church. He also served in Orlando, Florida as the executive pastor of the Discovery Church.
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