Woohoo first Avalon book is published on Amazon. Com just search Avalon + mckinnon. 

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Just totally loving reading all the stuff on wattpad...!!!! thank you writers....just thought I would muck around with some stuff while studying... I literally have never written anything before I came on wattpad.
I love anything with animals hence my stories containing ...well most likely containing someone that can talk to them.
I have five horses.....two dogs....go to Uni am studying to teach primary school children....
I have a fascination with changing things to have a little bit of menace or power hidden beneath their skin...

I'm Australian...and yes there are plenty of kangaroos near us...

AVALON : 18 oct 2014 #2 in humor and #3 in teen fiction woohooo

VOTES and COMMENTS: As I am a new writer, I use votes to see what aspects of books people really liked... and comments ... well normal ones make me fell like "YAY", constructive critiques are great, I love them... and bad, horrible mean ones... make me never want to write again.

FOLLOWS:Hi Guys I should add that if you are only going to follow me to get a follow in return, you might just get disappointed because I'm studying and I rarely follow because I can't concentrate when I get a lot of emails... sorry :D... I'm easily distracted and the little dog comes running on the screen and I can't cope I have to check lol and then that leads to 'ooo what are they doing?' and then three hours have gone before I've gotten back to studying

READING REQUESTS: Sorry due to uni and work and just... everything, I unfortunately can not take any reading requests at the moment
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A 2 by palominolane
A 2 Teen Fiction
The story of Avalon continues.... Cover by the awesome MayTijssen
AVALON by palominolane
AVALON Teen Fiction
PUBLISHED ON AMAZON.COM Avalon has spent her entire life on her family's Cattle Station in Northern Queensland. In her eyes there is nothing sweeter than working the land and spending as much time on horseback as p...
Goodnight Moon - ON HOLD by palominolane
Goodnight Moon - ON HOLD Paranormal
River fights to get through every day...and in the literal sense. He fights to keep surviving against the pain that water causes him, it won't leave him - alone constantly screaming for him to connect with it. He...
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