I am from a small town but with big ambitions of doing something different than the most people of my town do. I am a little lazy...., maybe more than a little lazy.

I love music. I am a music-maniac. I live by music. Everytime a listen to an emotional song, I almost break down. I feel music lets me control my emotions well and it helps me in expressing them. Everytime I am frustrated, I listen to songs and every bit of tension pours out of my mind. I feel afresh.

I like sports. Football and cricket. I am a good sportsperson. I am good in studies as well. I am science stream.

I am very emotional. Although I am very good at controlling them and disguising my emotions. Not the "manly" type.
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p_rush p_rush Apr 03, 2013 05:20PM
I am waiting! @JohnMurrayMcKay 
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Really Short Poems

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Description: Really short poems, just to enjoy and express what I feel. I will update everytime I feel like doing it. If you like, please mention. Thank you.


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Its your life, MAKE IT LARGE!!! For the ATTYS!!!

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