- I truly madly deeply believe in Larry stylinson. It's the definition of true love. 
- Larry is the only reason I still believe There's true love.
- Harry styles is the reason I believe that there's good people on this planet. Even if it's a really small minority.
-I consider one direction my heroes. My smiles. My tears (happy).
- sounds cheesy but they're on top of the very few reasons I'm still here today.
They put a smile on my face even when I'm ready to run in front of a speeding car.

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• If I could do anything I want right now it'd be to meet the boys. I don't need a pic or an autograph the only thing I need is to tell the how much they mean to me. More than anything.
•also stiles stilinski is my favorite character. So sterek all the way. Hehe.

"They say 'we wouldn't be here without you' little do they know that without them many of us wouldn't be here either"

Ily stay strong ❤️
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poems from the dark side  by oopshi_28
poems from the dark side
Hi there, This book is filled with writings that I like to call poems. They're pretty depressing but complet...
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