-Legit Satan Boi
-The Mimikyu Hecate
-Amara Sunmay

Yep, those nick names sum me up.

Hey! I'm Amara Sunmay, a teenager who spends her time wrapped in fanfictions and Mirai Nikki.

I make ridiculous stories on this profile, ranging from humorous to kenopsia-induced stories.

If you like fandoms and are interested in what I write besides this profile, check out my profile @SunmayTheScattered.

Enjoy this soul black pit. *Tips top hat*
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Story by Sunmay's List of Sins
A Forbidden Love {A McDonalds & Burger King Joke} by ooSunmayoo
A Forbidden Love {A McDonalds & Burger King Joke} Humor
A complete accident. That's all it was. They weren't ever supposed to meet. Burger King and McDonald's, two fast food restaurants who will stop at nothing in order to get to the top. But there's a rule. Never have...