About me.... Hmmmm 

I'm 30 (ish) and live in New Zealand.
I'm married with three gorgeous kids. Age 15, 8 and 6.
I write for the pure enjoyment of it and I love to read :-)

That's about it... I'm exciting, I know
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    Pareora, New Zealand
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ooAlySoo ooAlySoo Apr 30, 2012 11:00AM
@chinacat213 Awww thank you.  It is already published.  Not worth buying because it's full of errors.  I did the process myself, but I thinking about changing it and doing it all over again :)
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Description: Book Two of To Mend A Broken Angel - Tells the story of Adam Tarson - you don't need to read Broken Angel to understand this one - Follow Adam through his side of the story and how he ended up what he got up t...


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