Looks like you found the one and only  dumbest,saddest,satanist,sadistic, masochist, catholic/Atheist, creepy,yandere, cringiest place On Wattpad....Welcome...Note that I am bad at writing.

Short thing to know:
I own Kenny...I don't care what you say.
I own Death The Kid as well and I will fight...for what i believe!
Senpai= Real life
I am a over yandere...=]



I have anxiety,Personality disorder, PTSD, deep anger issues,OCD, and Bipolar disorder.☯

I am a multiple type witch/mage/Demon.☯

I hate the human race.☯

I have trust issues.☯☯

I have a problem called
Over Yandere, and I hate my meds☯☯

I have been cursed to live for eternity..or called Immortality..._-_

I own a ability of being a Stealthy,sneaky, Weird Pervert

Facts: ☯☦☸☮✝

I own Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick...Mine!

I own a deep love interest of South Park.

I love to ship..and have Shipping problems.

I love the number 8,6,9
☯☯☯☯☯Time Waste☯☯☯☯☯
My senpai's for eternity, 1 is the only one in the correct number...XD
Also my wifes & husbands for eternity
∅. anyone in DDLC,VLD,SP, etc
1. Kenneth McCormick❣💖?????
∅,¹,². P I D G E ( VLD ) 💖❣💞💞💖
2. Wirt from OTGW ❣💓💖(don't ask)
∅,¹,²,³. K L A N C E ( V L D ) 💖💕❣💞
3. The Beast from OTGW (don't ask)
4. Alois Trancy❣❣ & Ciel 💙🖤
5. Kyle Broflovski❣
6. Death The Kid
7. Bill Cipher
8. Yuri (DOKI DOKI)
9. Demons (Sebastian,etc)
10. Slenderman 💞🖤❣
11. Tweek and Craig
12. Hatsune Miku & Luka (Vocaloid!)
13. Marshall Lee & Marceline
14. DEATH!
15. Alot of of others...

-The Quote by me for all my Sempais & Waifus

" Roses are Bright, Violets are bruised, I'll say this again, I hate to lose you "

♥☸☯☦☪ My family ♥☸☯☦☪

Yuno Gaisai(Sister),Juvia Lockser(close cousin),Damien Thorn(brother), Georgie/ Firkle(brother), and many more
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