assalamu alaikum everyone
          	 Just wanted to let you know that I have updated my new story (MIBTG) and MAHNF. ❣


Um... Asalamu Alaikum. I'd really like to read "my ex husband -my professor" can't seem to find it. If you unpublished it...can you like bring it back?. I'd really appreciate it. 


Hey i just wanna say Can you plz update the story My husband my kidnapper i am dying to read the next chap you last update is a YEAR AGO woman that is too much xD kindly update plzzzzz xoxo


          Please update the stories you left behind... I am really waiting for your response I hope you'll reply soon... Take care...


Hay!!! It's been a while since you updated my accidental husband not father...please update it and if it'll take time then please inform... Waiting for your reply... Hope everything's fine..


          Plz why do you always do things the half way, u left the only interesting book u've ever written which is "my husband my kidnapper" to start writing books that don't have meaning, here's a piece of advice don't ever start something u won't finish take it from me no offense.. Thank you


Assalamu Alaikum
          Masha Allah
          I just ADMIRE ur writing. a big WOW ... am wonderstruck in ur storyline. u inspired me a lot.