Hi guys!💗

I'm a 14 y/o girl from the Netherlands. I love reading, writing, drawing and music. They're like, my life😂 I love almost all the genres.
My favorite book is 'we were liars' written by e.lockhart (and tbh, the ending made me cry oops). Euhm.. yeah.. awkward... I'm planning on writing a book (ideas and tips are always welcome😂). I'm gonna try to write in English, but maybe I'll make a book written in Dutch. I don't know what to say...

Talk to me I need friends😂💗

I'm just gonna give you 20 random facts...

1. I love food #foodforlife
2. My fav food is pizza
3. Chickens are cool
4. I like Musicals😋
5. My fav songs are 'rise up' and 'warrior', but I like a lot more :)
6. Almost all my friends are internet friends lol
7. Cows
8. I forgive people way too fast
9. I want to become a psychologist
10. I'm running out of facts
11. Just kidding I don't run
12. Only for food
13. I like biking😂
15. I'll love you forever if you give me food. You're gonna regret it if you take my food away from me😂
16. I can't sing but I like it
17. I take musical classes (wait how do you say that? Crap)
18. Knock knock
19. Who's there?
20. Number 14, you skipped me
21. I just made you look at number 14. You hate me now.
21. Irritating people is part of my personality. Sometimes I'm normal but that's very special.
22. Sleeping is cool, I like dreaming
23. I day dream a lot so don't mind me
24. There are more than 20 facts but who cares tbh

Ps. I'm a bit weird, just to let you know😋😂

Sorry for my English😂
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