Hi! My name is Maddie. I love:
- music
- cheese
- reading
- saying irrelevent things
- being completely random
- Hanging out with my best friends
- Playing basketball
- long walks to the fridge
- and last but not least, writing stories

I'm just another young, crazy, random, ambitous writer, basketball player, and dreamer. I'm 14 so please be cool if I get a little bit crazy with something. I'm not that demanding, but I can be at some times. Looking for any book suggestions, if you have any, I'm taking requests at the moment.

Soooo... yeah. Ummmm..... That's all.
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    Lost in my imagination. Or my friends fanasty wedding
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    Jun 07, 2012 01:10AM
olivecheese91 olivecheese91 Aug 28, 2012 09:41PM
@MillieMorgan no problem. I love reading the Anderson boys!!!
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The Maze

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Description: Chase Dziak, Treavor Brookes, and Zia Jefferis were all captured by some goons and were taken into a maze. Their goal: get out of the maze alive!!! The one problem is that they never knew or met each other, ev...


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