CONGRATS you totally deserved it!!


@oldcerial420 hey can u please updateee




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The story is amazing, I was wondering if there will ever be an update or if the story is done?


Who do you KOTLC ship? 
          Sophitz /VS/ Sokeefe 
          Write and comment who you ship the most and why. 
          - Must have over THREE reasons why
          - No shade on the other ship
          - Write your username and your ship
          -send this to five people who you know that read KOTLC
          -if you do this, pls follow me (completely optional! @Ricki_R_1551) and post this to your feed


            Sokeefe!!! 4 EVA!!


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When u going to update the sophitz? I seriously cannot wait any longer, ur like Shannon messenger, making us wait in pain


Please update! I really need to know what happens next! Your book is one of the best I have ever read, and I read a LOT of books. Please update!


can u update asap bc this story is really good and I need to know what happens next!!!!!!!
          Thank you so much you are such an aspiring writer and I love your book