Holla... I'm oktaquin... you can call me okta or quin.. (3
I'm 20 years old girl... really ordinary girl, but wanna have a pair of wings, i wanna fly...
Facebook: Okta ssi/oktaquin
Twitter: @you_me12317
skype: oktaquin

My quote:
Don't need to know or understand anything to like or love something~
I will love something easily if i like it, but i like something hardly~
It's easier to do than talk~
Don't judge person by cover, judge person by her/his mouth~
No need to turn back your head or glancing past to take one step of your future~
We always thinking to get something or can do something but we've never thinking about to live the process it would be~
*will added as time still ticking

No harm, no offense, i hate racist and skeptic person
I hate bullies
But i love myself and you guys, my fans (3
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oktaquin oktaquin May 31, 2014 03:52PM
@JapFreaky well yeah... just do it right away and post it sooooon.... make jerron feel guilty.pleaseeeee lol
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Confession Of A Friend

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Description: Telling about an insane guy who tried to killing the girl he loves one. is she deserves for a DIE?

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