aaaannnd it's back! told you it'd be up soon.


hey i'm going to take down the art of letting go for a while so that i could focus on writing my other story! sorry


Thank you for adding The Heartbreak Chronicles to hour list. I hope you'll enjoy the story when you read it :)


Sorry to delete everything guys! I finally have the time to sit down and write and dedicate my time to making them better. Hope you understand and I'll hopefully have something up within the next couple of weeks! :)


I just found swimming I. The sky and I am I. Love. I am dying with anticipation and ps. I like your description. You sound like an awesome dinosaur. Anyway, kelp up the good work. 
          (And if you could, can you check out my story Cupid is a(n) [Hate Word]?  It's stil starting ands it's my first story.... Yea. Sorry. And thank you!!!)