My goal is to challenge morality through stories.

Favorite author is Chuck Palahniuk, followed by Andrew Smith and Vladimir Nabokov. I am definitely inspired by those three-- perhaps this is some kind of warning.

I've had my fair share of helping out writers on other websites; hosting blogs with writing prompts every day and giving out advice. Mentoring was also in my agenda, as much as proof-reading and writing out full critiques. I'm STILL looking to improve so please, do not hesitate to point out my mistakes (in a respectful and polite manner, of course).

I cannot, for the love of God, stay focused on one story at a time, or even complete one. I'm probably going to have A LOT of unfinished stories, short prompts, and etc, but no worries, they'll all be in one 'book'. They help me find fresh new ideas by getting rid of them inside of my mind. Can't keep them rotting inside of me for too long, hm?

I'd like to mention that I do not include any romance in my stories; or if I do, it is mostly spiritual. I personally do not like to write about physical romance. Maybe my goal is to show that physical contact can be 100% platonic-- or maybe it is to demonstrate that stories may have content without the need of Hollywood's idea of "love".

I am all up for intelligent conversations, or simply plot-developing, even though it might not flourish into a real story. Exchanging ideas, turning some off, finding theories, creating conspiracies,... I love challenging my own mind and would adore doing it with someone else- no wonder that two heads are better than one, yeah? Send me a private message any time, I'll be more than glad to share every of my idea and my point of view on any subject. Give me your best shot.

Enough babbling; I hope you'll get to read and enjoy one of my stories, if I ever get to publishing. : )
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