Thanks for a milly reads on Insecure! I love y’all! 


@officialtajaj can u update as soon as posible bc i love insecure too


Well hello  there, how are you doing on this fine morning/night? Well I’m not gonna keep you waiting I was wondering if you could come check out my new book “First Sight” whenever you get the chance to. Please and thank you❤️. Maybe leave a comment or something letting me know how my book is going?? Feedback is really needed please and thank you. 


I'm having trouble reading chapter 21. Did you take it down? I got all excited, and clicked on it. Then it shows a blank chapter. I'm spazzin. Help a faithful reader.


Hello fellow writer! 
          We have briefly skimmed your completed work and we are very interested in doing a book review on our blog. 
          This is a business so we were wondering if you'd be interested in an exchange. We would post two reviews one from each of us. It would be all positive feed back and only positive  constructive criticism. We want to offer you the opportunity to get more fans to come your way and check out your work. In exchange all you'd have to do is give our website a shout out! We are here to help you reach your goals. Please let us know if you are interested. Much love! 
          -kRazy kAtz