For anyone interested in keeping up with what I am doing in life and as a writer you can visit my website for details.
          	I am planning on coming back to Wattpad to post one day but maybe not as often as I used to.


@odemira It is an awesome blog! :)


Thank you so much for adding 'Running from Magic' to your reading list! I really appreciate it :D


Friends, are there any among you who would like to be interviewed for my new blog? 
          It wont happen for a while still, I am still bulking out my website but if any of you who read or write would like to be interviewed about your work, your writing habits, advice for new writers or anything else then please flick me a PM, i am compiling a list of people to interview and a list of questions.
          Cheers in advance.


Life is precious. 
          We only have a finite time to walk this earth and that time is not certain. Love while you can, laugh every day and appreciate those close to you before they are taken from you xx


@odemira That's great. ☺️


@_CutieChick_ thanks love! Everything is ok. 


@FireAlwaysReturns yeah, just lots of stuff happening rn.


Hi for some reason Sins among royals is not loading and I'm so sad ,do you know why?....btw I completely understand u taking a time off...I may not know u but I think  u deserve it.


The time has come you guys. I am packing up all my writer things and putting them away for the foreseeable future. 
          With so much happening in my real life and nothing happening in my writing life its time for me to put it to the side and focus on doing something that is gonna bring in some money for me and my family. The writing dream never quite came true for me so it's time to stop dreaming.
          Everything that I've completed will stay as it is and will stay on Wattpad. Unfinished projects will be dropped, put in the "fail" pile or be taken down and never mentioned again.
          I may keep writing offline, I may post updates on my website (link is in my bio), I may even post something to Wattpad now and again but this is it, this is where I'm tapping out. 
          Thanks for being the best and biggest thing about my writer life Wattpad. You are doing great things. 
          I'll see you sometime xx


Thank you to all you beautiful humans who took time out to post something.
            @PenumbraMine always so wonderful, thank you so much <3
            @NightZZzzzz I will be back one day, whether that is Wattpad or my own website is unknown right now, I hope to see you in the future xx
            @ellarose12 you are such an inspiration to me! I hope one day I can also purchase your work too, it will be my great honour to support you in that way xx
            @calmwolf yes lassie! I shall keep trying. Offline, however. It's all on backburners for now, maybe one day it will be a reality not just for me, but for you too xx
            @writer4everandever89 your words are making me teary eyed. I am gonna keep trying but for now it will be offline, maybe one day I will be back to Wattpad :) if you want to keep up with what I am doing deffs check out my little author website :) it'd be much appreciated.
            @NicaZacarais this! A mommy that understands the demands of being a mommy. I hope that I will be back one day but not sure. I wish you all the luck with your writing and publishing journey, may the best come to you xx


Aww.. but I completely understand. Family first. We moms need to look out for them and give them the best even if it means putting aside something that makes us happy or sane. I get you and I will support you on that. Time will come that you may comeback and finally have the time to be focus on writing again. See yah later


 Aww, while I along with your followers would hate to see you go, take time for yourself and do what needs to be done. I'm glad that you are gonna do what's best for you and I wanna wish you the best of luck.  
            But just wanted to say that nothing you created was a failure, each of your creations  were made because you moved to make them. You had a passion for writing. 
            Take time to focus on family and good luck once again. You'll be missed, but we'll be waiting for you to return one day in the years to come later.