I am now a mummy to a beautiful little girl so obviously for the time being writing is kind of not my main priority.

In future guys if you absolutely hate what I write then keep it to yourself. If I don't ask for a critique don't think you are doing me any favors by leaving them in my comments. I know my writing is absolute shite sometimes but I am still learning English and all its finer points. It is my second language and I wasn't really taught proper English at any time in my life. It is largely self taught through reading, practice and listening. So keep that in mind. I am not making excuses for myself I am simply offering an explanation.

Check out my works! You leave me a comment, share with your friends, have a vote or just silent read. I appreciate everything I get :D

Some of my fav writers? Check these people out! These are people I respect, admire and whose stories on Wattpad I absolutely adore xx

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odemira odemira Feb 10, 2016 01:47AM
      OMG! Finally a new chapter! 
      Let me know what you all think xx thanks so much for all the reads, comments, shares and follows I have received la...
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Hunting Season

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Description: Trapped in a world no bigger than the cage that surrounds them the people in the tunnels know only one life. Kill and survive. After the knowledge of werewolves was made public the world went in to near melt...


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