All works taken down for personal reasons. 

Not too sure if they will be making a return. Do not fret! I am still around to chat to, bounce ideas off and make covers. I just don't feel my works good enough right now to see the light of day and I am not emotionally stable enough to deal with complaints, criticism and shitty comments well. (Almost 9 months pregnant so give me a break.)

I do love and adore most people I encounter on Wattpad, especially the ones that take the time out to become friends with me but yup...................that is all for now! - 9/19/2015

Some of my fav writers? Check these people out! These are people I respect, admire and whose stories on Wattpad I absolutely adore xx

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Description: Savage is the landscape. Savage are the people. Savage is the game they play. There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who do good and those who think they are good. In the town of Snowden there are two kinds of people, both different in m...


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The Wickham Boys

The Wickham Boys

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The Wickham boys have always been trouble in the town of Lincoln but towns people could never imagine th...



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Adline Hutton has been through a lot but unfortunately for her life is only going to get harder. When he...

      It isn't so much a new story but I have been working on it a bit lately just like all of my other stories so keep an eye out for this one.............its a little bit different to what I am used to writing but it is also completely CLICHE! So if you like cliché then go ahead and give it a read ;)
      If you hate cliché I suggest steering clear of this one completely!