Mrs. Riley, my 4th grade teacher, sparked my interest in writing. She compared the words we write with proverbial paintbrushes authors employ to pain masterpieces in our readers' minds and hearts. Her advice was simple, "Write about what your know from your heart, and you'll relate more easily with your readers and hold their interests, making reading your work an enjoyable experience, and not a waste of time". I adopted this same philosophy when writing.

My writings started to receive rave reviews. Personal tragedy broke my spirit stealing my voice. I tried many times to write. the words simply wouldn't come, no matter how hard I tried to force them. Frustrated, I laid down my pen. I vowed I'd never write again. And I didn't for many, many years; nearly 20 years to be exact.

Many cultures repute the Phoenix, as an ancient fire spirit. The Phoenix lives around 500 years and dies. Its body burst into flames. The same Phoenix is reborn afresh from its own ashes, vibrant and full of life again. I drawn a parallel with my own life experience. That's why I initially chose this mystic bird as my avatar.

One tragedy shattered my dreams of becoming an author. Oddly enough, destiny intervened in my circumstances. Another tragedy--my mom's death--helped me regain my voice once again. I learnt, person tragedies need not steal my voice. Tap into that pain, while focusing on life's joyous moments, and let that mindset fuel that words we write on paper. I'll admit, my writing style may be a little rusty. I still hope you can enjoy my stories. I welcome reviews, both positive and criticisms. I believe, how else can my writing style evolve without listening unto my readers.

Even the most gifted authors receive positive and negative reviews. It's part of how we grow as writers and people.
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Story by ociew777
Raging Hearts Amidst Darkness by ociew777
Raging Hearts Amidst Darkness
Drakken succeeds. Kim's dying, and the world's his. An ally's betrayal cost him everything. Shego quits, abou...
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