Hi I'm Alexis but call me Lexii. I'm 18 years young
Yes The Picture Is Me. If iDont Have A Pic Of Me, Then it'll be Andy Sixx . <3

20 Random Facts ;
1 . I'm 4'11 87 pounds
2 . I fucking love Wiz Khalifa.
3 . I've had straight A's ever since I've started being graded on anything. What bitch? You jealous?
4 . I find Greyson Chance adorable.
5 . Fuck with me, I'll rearrange your already fucked up face :)
6 . I love ice cream
7 . I'm better than you at life
8 . I love a man named Andy Biersak
9 . I've been to Disneyland 72 times.. I live down the street from it...
10 . I'm a senior in high school
11 . I drive a cherry red Ferrari.. no lie
12 . In January, I crashed my yellowPorsche Carrera 911
13 . I'm rich. Filthy rich. Bitch
14 . I'm sexy. Deal with it.
15 . I wanna meet Justin Bieber and fuck his brains out.
16 . I'm getting bored doing this.
17 . I love music
18 . I don't care if you don't like me.
19 . I'm a gangster
20 . I'm Athiest

Favorite Music
Nicki Minaj. Kesha. Drake. David Guetta. Wiz Khalifa. Justin Bieber. Asking Alexandria. Black Veil Brides. Sleeping With Sirens.

Oh and I'm a proud bisexual...

Bye pretties
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Life As Kayla

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Description: Kayla Bishop isn't your average teenage girl. Well in a asense she is, but in reality she's far from average. She was raped by her father until she was nine years old, and she hasnt seen him since she was ten...


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