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You walked into the room of this profile cautiously.
You didn't know what to expect here. You only came to this space because you thought this person looked rather interesting, or you wanted another book to read. It was most likely the latter.
You scanned the room for anything to tell you more of this person, anything to give you a clue of whose place you were in. Only a few pieces of paper showed up.
And so you read the top one.
It seemed to be a list of 'ships' that this person had, in a descending order of preferences.
It followed;


And so on.
You put the paper back after the quick read and shuffled it aside. There was another paper. It held information of this person and you read eagerly.
It revealed that the person was a female, she was 16 years old and she mentioned she was Australian.
That was odd.
Not many Australians were in the Wattpad building.

You put the paper down and moved on. You spotted a bookshelf against the wall and headed over to inspect it.
Only six books rested on it.
Two had red paint smeared across the covers. These were discontinued, although you had an odd feeling she wasn't one to abandon books like that.
Another two had speckles of yellow paint on the bindings. They were on hold for now, and you wondered when she would continue them.
The last two were clean and one looked shinier then the other. She must've taken good care of that one.

Maybe you should stick around and see what this girl had to offer? It was going to take a shot in the dark.
Because maybe she didn't have the best writing? Maybe she wasn't as good as this made her sound to be? It was a trial and error at this point.
You could either walk out that door or sit in that chair and read.

•What will you do?•

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