Well, I guess I probably should do this.

Hi. I am a fellow human unlike you. I am different. You are different. The different hate the different of the different because they are different than the different. Yes, that is society. Oh, what a beautiful thing it is. Don't you just want to give up on the human race? What pleasant things we supply! You know, war, death, drama. Mm, the drama! Best of all! If you don't already, it teaches you to never trust. Because anyone in the world only uses you. Those nights you wonder what would happen if you were gone. You think to yourself, "If I were gone, would anyone miss me? No. ." You cry for a bit, because you know it isn't true. Because the nasty meat sacks of humans would! What would they do without you to use!? The order will be disturbed.

But, now. Let us not be so pessimistic about the human race and the morals it believes in.

If you really want to get to know me, just pm me.


. .I love food. .
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